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To recruit top football analysts, we will start a global competition for free with $1,000,000 prize. The competition is divided into four rounds, each round continues in one week, participants who have not reached our standard are eliminated. According to the winning rate priority, 50% will be admitted to the next period. Those who enter the round can share the guaranteed bonus in each period. The total prize of the fourth round will be guaranteed at 1 million, and the highest single prize will be 200,000 US dollars. In addition to the mentioned prize, we will offer surprises and other gifts. Nothing is impossible! Our competitive journey is looking forward to your arrival!
1. Your prediction is consistent with match results. The final results are based on the actual match results and they are not subject to any other changes.
2. On the premise of completing the required matches, the participants of each round are arranged in descending order according to the winning rate, which is reserved for 3 decimal places.
3. Different levels of competition will open with different points threshold, those who reach the points can participate. All points are limited to the use of our App and website, long-term effective.
4. Due to our activity mechanism, we require real-name accounts with the age of over 18
5. If the match is cancelled or extended, the result is supposed to be invalid, all predictions on this will be refunded.
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